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African Scented Rosewood and Indian Rosewood Drying By HFVD45-SA High Frequency Vacuum Wood Dryer

Author: SAGA Time: 2013-10-25  Browse the number: 1609

Species African Scented Rosewood Indian Rosewood
Density 0.72 0.85
Thickness 50~100mm
Start Moisture 70%
End Humidity 8%
Drying Time 120hours, dfferent drying time because of different thickness
Drying Result No crack or discolor problem
Conclusion High frequency vacuum wood drying method is much suitable for African hardwood, it is perfect if can combine with conventional kilns. 4.5CBM high frequency vacuum wood dryer is much better than 3CBM, with larger effctive capacity, and no more than power cost. It can meet the customer's requirement for production.

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