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20KW High Frequency Generator

High Frequency Generator

High frequency generator is a plant which can turn normal electric power to high frequency electron magnetic power, apply this power to the load equipment or electrode, the water or glue molecule within the work piece is polarized and rapidly change direction or move follow the frequently change of the electron magnetic power, thus cause suddenly friction, this friction between molecule makes the temperature raise, thus the water vaporized and glue bond.
High frequency generator is suitable for curved plywood forming or wood panel jointing or hard wood drying, it's a core plant for high frequency machinery.

1. Character of SAGA High Frequency Generator
A. More scientific design, simple and humanistic control panel.
B. Control electric spare parts are mostly use Schneider or Omron brand. stable and safe.
C. Light and button all use national top brand.
D. Transformer as well as other small spare like cooling fan or even wire or screw are national standard or international standard.
2. Basic Parameter
Model HF20-SA
Power 380V 50Hz,3 phase 4 wire
Input Power 30kVA
Output Power 20KW
Oscillation 6.78MHz
Protection Overload protection, wind cooling pressure detection, filament 2 stage stars, lose phase protection
Tuning Mode Variable capacitor
Cooling Mode Force wind cooling
Output 2 output or 1 output
Overall Size 1000*1050*1850mm

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