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high production capacity vacuum wood dryer manufacturer

The HF vacuum wood drying machine is result of design combining high frequency medium heating technology and vacuum cryogenic dehydration technology,greatly reduceed drying time and avoid high temperature damage of wood.It apply to dry all the kinds wood, such as oak ,verawood ,rose wood , the moisture can be reduced from 60% to 8% even 6%, only need to 3- 7 days each batch.

All models include high-tech Programmable Logic Controllers. The PLC comes with common hardwood presets ready for use. The PLC automates the drying process by starting the hydraulic pump, HF generator, vacuum pump and water system. The water control system pulls the moisture to an external water tank which can then be drained. The weight system calculates change data to read the moisture content of the wood.

vacuum wood drying machine


*Fast drying cycle

*Automatic feeder

*Large capacity

*PLC automated systems with touch screen panel

*Uniform heating

*No sparking or bending problem

*Veneer, panels, softwood and hardwood planks, heavy timber with large dimension

Our production cover with high frequency vacuum wood dryer, high frequency curved plywood press, high frequency edge gluer, high frequency precise frame assembly machine and high frequency generator.

Our engineers can provide overseas installtion, training and are available to provide after-sell service and maintenance. We look forward to your coming!

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