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wood drying equipment suppliers

Saga Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the professional wood drying equipment suppliers in china.Wood vacuum drying equipment refers to the heat energy under the action of evaporation or boiling way to exclude the wood moisture treatment process. When the water vapor partial pressure in the air is lower than the saturated vapor pressure at that temperature, the water is distilled, and the water vapor in the wet air is generally unsaturated steam, so evaporation can occur at any temperature. Wet logs or wet sawns contain large amounts of water, which evaporate from the wood surface to the surrounding air, and the wood is dried and dried at all times.

wood drying equipment suppliers

When the wood is heated at atmospheric pressure to 100 ℃ or more, it will produce boiling vaporization phenomenon, the wood in the water through the evaporation or boiling from the wood surface discharge. Industrialized wood drying mainly refers to organized and controlled processes according to a certain dry basis, as well as atmospheric drying or drying by weather conditions.

Production on the use of drying equipment, should be dry wood trees, specifications, quantity, use and production units of the real conditions. For the modern wood drying room in the process to ensure that the drying medium to ensure the temperature, humidity and air velocity, the stack of dry material is subject to the external conditions are basically the same, in order to achieve the purpose of uniform drying, in the operation to be safe and reliable, Flexible, workers labor intensity is small. Equipment investment, small footprint, quick, energy conservation, but also as much as possible to reduce the pollution of the surrounding environment.

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