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wood vacuum dryer machine

Wood vacuum dryer machine is a new type of wood drying method, it is both high-frequency heating uniformity, fast drying characteristics; also has a vacuum under the conditions of low-temperature quick-drying, wood is not easy to crack and so on. Especially for mahogany, hardwood thick material, ultra-thin veneer and other materials, compared with conventional drying, in the drying speed, wood moisture content uniformity, flatness and other aspects of the material has unparalleled advantages.

wood vacuum dryer machine

Wood vacuum drying equipment for wood secondary drying or balance of water has a unique advantage, according to different species, Baidu and water content of the different, the second can be dry in a few hours to ten hours of time to complete, and consumption Can be applied to different sizes of solid wood furniture manufacturers, reducing the time to place the wood, timber turnover speed, flexibility, equipment, small footprint, saving production space, while reducing financial pressure, for small-scale furniture factory Said to have a very unique advantage.

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