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wood vacuum dryer machine manufacturers

We are professional wood vacuum dryer machine manufacturers.Wood vacuum dryer machine are many times faster than traditional kiln dryers. The drying process can range from within 36 hours for thinner, softer woods to several days for thicker, harder woods.

The wood vacuum dryer machine features an automatic feeder and a quick, automated drying cycle. It has a 40KW high frequency generator, 4T hydraulic /air pressure and 10.08m3 capacity. It is an ideal dryer for thick hard woods typically used in the furniture and flooring industry.

wood vacuum dryer machine manufacturers

All models include high-tech Programmable Logic Controllers. The PLC comes with common hardwood presets ready for use. The PLC automates the drying process by starting the hydraulic pump, HF generator, vacuum pump and water system. The water control system pulls the moisture to an external water tank which can then be drained. The weight system calculates change data to read the moisture content of the wood.

Our engineers can provide overseas installation, training and are available to provide after-sales service and maintenance. We recommend proper training for safe and prolonged use of the machinery.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We always look forward to working with you!

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