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SP30-SA HF Edge Gluer

HF Edge Gluer

High frequency edge gluer combines the high frequency heating with 2 direction press, it is suitable for finger joint or edge glued board jointing or gluing the rim of solid wood door or other wooden blocking gluing.

1. Character of High Frequency Edge Gluer
Place the glued wood slats into the feeding table, starts high frequency edge gluer, feeding cart will push the slats to the curing table, PLC sends signal to the hydraulic parts, top press plate goes down to make the wood slat flat and uniform, then back pusher pushes in to make the wood panel well glued, high frequency power starts automatically to heat the glue according to set time, after heating finish,pressure keep and high frequency stop, system starts the program of cooling, after that. back pusher moves back, top plate raise, one cycle finish. When the second feeding start, the end-finished panel or board is pushed out of curing table and fall to outlet table, then next gluing cycle starts.
2. Character of SAGA High Frequency Edge Gluer
A. PLC automatic control with auto feeding way
B. Electron components mostly use European brand like Schneider,Omron to enable stable working.
C. Strict quality control and regulation on mechanical spare like hydraulic.
3. Basic Parameter
Model SP30-SA
Maximum Gluing Length 2440mm
Maximum Gluing Width 1220mm
Continuous Gluing Size 1250*6000mm or more
Maximum Gluing Thickness 8~150mm
HF Output Power 30KW
Horizontal Pressure 36T
Number of Horizontal Cylinders 12 pieces
Vertical Pressure 9T
Number of Vertical Cylinders 3 pieces
Overall Size of Press Machine 2700*2150*2100mm
Overall Size of In-feeding Cart 3500*1600*800mm
Overall Size of Out-feeding Cart 2000*1330*800mm

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