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80T HF Curved Plywood Press


High frequency curved plywood press applies high frequency generator to hydraulic press, by mold and electron, it transfers the high frequency power to the work piece to achieve the function of fast gluing and forming. It's suitable for BENT PLYWOOD CHAIR, BENT OR ARC PLYWOOD FOR THE FURNITURE OR BED or other bent plywood products like CLOTH HANGER OR SURFACE OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.

1. Character of High Frequency Curved Plywood Press
A. Fast and uniformly heating
B. Bending shape is stable, not easy to change delamination.
C. High frequency power is a selectively heating power, it concentrates only on water or glue. wood cannot consume high frequency power, so it is effective and power saving.
D. Wooden or MDF mold used, much economic than metal mold if shape is frequently changed.
2. Basic Parameter

Model YX80-SA
Power 380V, 50Hz, 3phase, 4 wire
HF Output Power 20KW
HF Input Power 30KW
Oscillation 6.78MHz
Press Plate Size 1600*800mm
Opening 1100mm
Hydraulic Pressure 80T
Overall Size 2300*800*2230mm
Gross Weight 7T

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